3 Universal Components

As easy as 1 – 2 – 3 !

1. Support Profiles

Support Profiles are of 5083 aluminum and come in 3-meter (9’9”) lengths in 3-different depths.

For normal wind-loading requirements in the US (110-mph at 40-psf) we prefer to specify the 55-mm (2-1/8”) depth which has the deepest profile.

The upward-facing hooks on the Support Profiles are engineered to mate precisely with the reinforcing ribs of the panels. As a result, individual Support Profiles are engineered differently for each different size of panel and are not interchangeable.

Support Profiles are shipped in stock lengths and will require field cutting based on the dimensions provided in the cutting schedule on the NeaCera® Field Use drawings.

Support Profiles for standard panel heights (150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm)have notches to indicate where to cut.

2. Joint Inserts

Joint Inserts come in a variety of different sizes shapes and configurations (see below). They are produced from powder-coated aluminum and are made to just snap into place in the Support Profile, without any additional fixings.

The Joint Inserts also come in 3-meter (9’9”) lengths and while they are finished with black powder-coat as standard, they can be powder-coated in other colors.

The flanges located on the side of the Joint Insert are designed to mate with the registered tab marks (“half-disc” indentures) on the Support Profile, so each Joint Insert is designed for a specific size of Support Profile and Panel size and are not interchangeable.

Incorporated in the “tongue” of the Joint Inserts is a simple pull-down Security Tab.

Available Joint Inserts:

  • Closed Joint – Recessed. This is the most commonly used Joint Insert
  • Closed Joint – Flush
  • Closed Joint – Proud
  • Open Joint Insert
  • Fine-Line Joint Insert – Recessed
  • Fine-Line Joint Insert – Proud
  • Blank Joint Insert – for corner and window jamb details.

3. NeaCera® Panels

A NeaCera® Panel from the front. Notice the integral reinforcing ribs.

Putting It All Together!

Notice the Security Tab is ready for engagement if needed.

Notice the Security Tab on Joint Insert locked into place.

The view from the front.

The view from the back.

The simplicity of this pre-engineered NeaCera® Lift & Lock installation system eliminates any additional clips or fixings that need to be installed to hold the panels in place. As it is a completely Open Joint Rainscreen system, no caulk or other sealants are used.

NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solutions is a NON-SEQUENTIAL INSTALLATION, so panels can be easily removed and replaced, without the need for disturbing any of the surrounding panels. Sequential systems, such as those used by the hollow-core panel systems, require you to remove all the panels from the top of the elevation in order to replace a panel that is lower down.