From The President

David E. Swirnow, President

In many ways, Avenere Cladding has been unique from day one. With our NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solutions, we have been able to offer a host of benefits that our competitors still cannot. Benefits such as:

• Up To A 30 Year Warranty
• Lifetime Graffiti Protection
• Ease of Installation with NO Clips or Gaskets
• Lighter weight, solid-wall terra-cotta that has been fully tested to all ASTM & AAMA requirements
• And Customer Service that includes Training and Design Assist Services

As you look around the web site, you will see the creative and astonishing ways that NeaCera® has been used by some of the country’s top Architects. And you will see – as well as hear – actual testimony from the Contractors who have installed NeaCera®, many of whom are repeat customers.

Our connection to the Design and Building Community is strong, and we are proud of the relationships we have built throughout the country. If you are new to NeaCera® or terra-cotta or rainscreens in general, please feel free to contact us for more information, or call me directly at 443.204.2100.

Welcome to Avenere Cladding!

It was a great experience…it was everything David said it was going to be…at the beginning it sounded like the world’s greatest sales pitch… and in the end, he was true to his word.” (CLICK to see the video.)

David Gibbons III
James G. Davis Construction