Perhaps the most popular configuration for terracotta rainscreen application, the NeaCera® Stacked arrangement offers a clean, classic look that is suitable for all panels and panel sizes. Stacked panels can be installed vertically as well as horizontally.

Running Bond:

The Running Bond configuration creates the classic appearance of brickwork or blockwork.  It is suitable for all kinds of panels and panel sizes. Running Bond can be installed vertically as well as on horizontal sub-construction.


The Cascade option is a unique configuration that allows for the use of all kinds of panels and panel sizes at virtually no additional cost.  The inclined position and the overlapping of the panels result from the shape of the Support Profiles.  The continuous Joint Inserts can be designed as a closed joint of 8 mm or as a fine joint of 2 mm, in either flush or recess with regard to the front edge of the panel.

Fine Line:

Practically invisible to the naked eye, the Fine Line configuration, using the Fine Line Joint Insert, creates the illusion of great length using shorter panels. Concealing the vertical joints as “fine lines” this configuration adds a dramatic touch to larger buildings and installations. The Fine Line has a width of 2mm as compared to the standard Closed Joint of 8mm. (View the detail here.)

Rounded Wall:

The Rounded Wall configuration takes you to the limits of your imagination! Using flat panels up to 48″ long along the open Joint Insert, NeaCera® Panels can be faceted on radii and offer design flexibility that will amaze and astound you!