When it comes to panels…SIZE matters!

NeaCera® Panels are available in multiple lengths and heights. Custom sizes are available on request.

The minimum standard panel height is 5.9″ (150mm) to a maximum of 23.6″ (600mm); and the maximum panel length is 78.8″ (2000mm).

Many imperial panel heights are available at no extra charge.

Currently panel heights less than 7″ (175mm) are limited to 36″ (900mm) in length. Panels 8″ (203mm) in height are limited to 63″ (1600mm) in length. Otherwise, the maximum 78.8″ (2000mm) length is available.

Panels are factory-cut to their desired length to not less than 12″. Ordinarily, our Proposals will include factory-cut mitered ends at outside building corners – unless another corner detail is selected. Our largest panel, shown to the left, measures 2′ high and over 6.5′ long, weighing only 99 lbs!

NOTE: The most efficient panel size is 8″ (203mm) to 18″ (457mm) high by 4′-6″ (1372mm) to 5′ (1524mm) in length.