Welcome Builders of First-Class Projects!

We want to build with you.

We want to provide you an affordable Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solution that is EASY TO INSTALL.

We want to provide ORIENTATIONS that will help make the installation as quick and easy as possible.

We know you’ll want SHOP DRAWINGS that are clear, precise and accurate.

We know what it takes to make sure your material DELIVERY is on time and that you have the TOOLS & EQUIPMENT necessary to get the job done.

We’ll offer you installation options such as PANELIZING & UNITIZING.

We’ll provide you with the benefit of our years of experience – something we call THE AVENERE ADVANTAGE.

Most of all – we want you to build with NeaCera®!

In the building industry, time is money. That’s why NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solutions have been engineered to install quickly, easily and inexpensively.

From shop drawings to installer training, Avenere Cladding LLC provides the detailed coordination you need to ensure a speedy, smooth and successful conclusion. Why work alone, when you can take advantage of a complete Team of dedicated professionals whose only desire is to make the whole process as trouble-free as reasonably possible?

The Production Team will actively involve itself in all aspects of the project and process. We offer an array of Services that is unsurpassed by any other terra-cotta rainscreen supplier:

  • Installation Cost Study Guide (ICSG): Based on individual labor rates, we can produce an ICSG per project. This assists Installers in accurately calculating the cost of installing NeaCera components for their project.
  • Product Technician: Upon receipt of an order, a dedicated NeaCera® Representative will be appointed to your project and will be your primary point of contact through to completion.
  • Shop Drawings: All project shop drawings are prepared in-house and comprise of at least 2-sets of elevations for both sub-construction and panel layouts, Typical Details and details for such areas as window interface, corner details, etc. and a full Bill of Materials and Cut-List details.
  • Quantity Confirmations: Full assistance with establishing required material quantities including material for contingencies, breakage and attic stock.
  • Pre-Construction Orientation: With virtually all new orders, we offer a complimentary orientation for 2 in our Baltimore Workshop for Installers prior to panel installation. (Travel and hotel included.)
  • Job Site Orientation: A NeaCera® Representative will be on-site at the start of the installation to work with and assist the Installer in the initial phase of “getting started.”
  • On-going Project Oversight: The NeaCera® Team is always available to advise on aspects of the project and NeaCera details, status of material scheduling, production, shipping and delivery of material.

All that’s left is for you to Start Building!