Ease of Installation

Why is NeaCera® easier to install than hollow-core systems?

LIGHTER WEIGHT Panels + NO CLIPS + only 3 UNIVERSAL COMPONENTS = NeaCera® – the easiest terra-cotta rainscreen system to install!

  • You will require pre-installed horizontal sub-construction, which is attached over the a-v barrier, through the sheathing back to the studs.
  • Using stainless steel self-drilling screws install the Support Profiles vertically to the sub-construction, spaced at each end of each panel.
  • The longer the panel, the less Support Profiles to install.
  • Align the indexes and snap Joint Insert into the Support Profile locating the flanges of the Joint Insert to the half-discs on the Support Profiles.
  • The Joint Insert ensures an easy panel alignment and uniform vertical joint relief, irrespective of the height of the elevation.
  • LIFT the Panel and locate the ribs on the back with the corresponding hooks on the Support Profiles and push down to LOCK.



The NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solution is now securely installed – and the installation will withstand severe seismic earthquakes (see our test).

NeaCera® is a non-sequential installation envelope, so panels can be easily removed and/or replaced without disturbing surrounding panels and without the need for any tools. To avoid unauthorized removal of panels, NeaCera® Joint Inserts have a Security Tab which can be turned down with a screwdriver to lock panels in place.

Studies from previously installed jobs show that Installers can expect to install at least 80/SF of NeaCera® Panels per man-hour. This is double the productivity for a hollow-core system, which in most cases requires the Installer to install gaskets and then drill holes in the supports for the bottom clips, before lifting the panel into place, then drilling holes for the top clips to lock the panel in place.

Download the NeaCera® Installation Guide here as a PDF file. Download the Installation Guide PDF