Job Site Orientation

ONE of the many advantages of using NeaCera® Terra-cotta Panels? TWO Orientations are included!


During this Orientation, we will discuss the progress of shop drawings, project details, specific components and the verification of Quantity Confirmations. We will go through all aspects for a successful installation. We will discuss the unloading, storing and handling of the material while seeing firsthand how the material is packaged when it arrives at the job site. We will review the NeaCera® Installation Guide together and answer questions as they arise. The installer will have the opportunity to install the NeaCera® Support Profiles, Joint Inserts, and NeaCera® Panels on our wall assembly. The goal of this Orientation is for you to be able to transfer this knowledge to the remainder of your installation crew.

During this Pre-construction Orientation, we will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the Lifetime Graffiti Protection by applying and then removing graffiti from the panels with nothing more than denatured alcohol and a soft cloth. The NeaCera® Lifetime Graffiti Protection is inherent in the surface of the panels and will not rub off or fade – no matter how often graffiti is applied and removed.

While attending this Orientation, you will also be able to tour our showroom, which highlights a number of NeaCera® panel installations, panel types, available panel colors, job site photos, and a whole lot more.


In case you missed anything, or chose not to participate in our Pre-construction Orientation, we also offer a Field Orientation at the start of each NeaCera® Installation. This Orientation will be at the job site, after the NeaCera® Panels have arrived and the horizontal sub-construction has been installed. At this Orientation, we will review the Field-Use Shop Drawings for specific job conditions, and the Installation Guide to help ensure a successful installation.

We will review the cutting of the Support Profiles and Joint Inserts, along with their installation. We will locate the “S” dimension on the shop drawings (the starting point for Support Profile installation) and apply this to the building. We will demonstrate how to install horizontally and vertically adjacent Support Profiles and Joint Inserts.

We will continue by demonstrating the “Lift and Lock” method of installing the NeaCera® Panels and engaging the Security Tab. We will discuss field cutting of the NeaCera® Panels, along with the care and cleaning for the panels before and after installation.

We will continue to work hand in hand with the installer for the entire workday and be available to answer any questions. For the majority of projects, the Field Orientation will be completed in one day. After the Pre-construction Orientation and Field Orientation, we are available by phone, email, etc. to continue to support you and answer any questions as needed.