Shop Drawings

Detailed. Precise. Accurate.

In addition to Supplying the NeaCera® Terra-Cotta panels, Support Profiles, Joint Inserts, Pre-Construction Orientations, and Field Orientations, we also provide fully detailed Shop Drawings.

Our Shop Drawings consist of Panel Layout Elevations, Sub Construction Layouts, Sections and Details, and Material Schedules. Shop drawings are provided for Approval and Coordination by Purchaser. Once the Shop Drawings have been approved, a “Field-Use” set of Shop Drawings, incorporating the revisions made during the approval process is submitted to be used in the field by the installer.


Panel Layout Elevations illustrate the dimensions for the overall building and for each NeaCera® panel. These Panel Layout Elevations also include Section Cuts and the identification mark numbers for each NeaCera® panel.

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Sub Construction Layouts locate and identify the Support Profiles and horizontal Sub Construction. A Mark number is indicated for each Support Profile signifying the amount of panels supported by each Support Profile. The location for each Horizontal Sub Construction member is provided (even though this material is typically supplied by others). Additionally the Sub Construction Layout provides the location of the “S” dimension, which is the starting / reference point when installing the Support Profiles.

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Sections and Details pages

Sections and Details pages, referenced from the Panel Layout Elevations, illustrate and identify the NeaCera® components (NeaCera® panels, Support Profiles and Joint Inserts) and their relationship with the building conditions and other related trades.

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Material Schedules

Material Schedules indicate each NeaCera® panel in detail, illustrating panel length, panel height, color and quantity of NeaCera® components needed based on the Shop Drawings. The material schedule will also identify any special panel conditions including mitered panels or panels which require field cutting. Because the Support Profiles and Joint Inserts are shipped in Full Stock lengths (approximately 9’ long) and require field cutting, a material cutting list is provided to help ensure the most efficient cutting of the Support Profiles and Joint Inserts. Additionally typical details are provided in this section to help identify the “S” dimension and standard installation procedures regarding the Support Profiles.

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Purchaser Assistance

After the shop drawings have been approved, and all comments reconciled, we will assist the Purchaser in Purchaser’s determination of the quantities of components to be supplied in the form of a Quantity Confirmation / Release for Fabrication. The Quantity Confirmation / Release for Fabrication allows the purchaser to add panels and components for jobsite contingencies and attic Stock. Additional panels should provide for all contingencies including but not limited to, additional Panels needed for changes to Architectural plans, variations in “As Built” conditions, job site breakage, attic stock, etc. Panels ordered subsequently are based on a unit price higher than the cost per square foot shown in the Agreement, and will require an executed Change Order.

Additional Panels

Typically we have seen 3% – 5% added for additional panels to cover changes to the Architectural plans, variations in “As Built” conditions, jobsite breakage, attic stock, etc. Typically these additional quantities are added to the longest panels and the panels with the most quantities, to allow the installer to cut the panels to length as needed.

Color Approval

In addition to the Shop Drawings, and Quantity Confirmation / Release for Fabrication, a color approval for the panels is also required. We will submit three (3) color samples for the NeaCera® panels to be approved, and signed by the Architect. One (1) of the approved and signed samples must be returned for our records.

It is often required to submit our latest published product data along with the Shop Drawings and Color approval samples. Our latest published data includes general information about the NeaCera® components, typical details, test results, care and cleaning information and a sample Warranty.