Amenity Rich Residential Tower


NeaCera® Panel Summary

Panel Size: 1372mm (54”) L x 300mm (11.8”) H
1473mm (58”) L x 600mm (23.6”) H

Colors: White Stone, Light Gray Satin

Shapes: Flat Classic, Grooved

Configurations: Stacked

Weight: 7.5 lbs/SF

Clips: Never on a NeaCera® Project!

Project Summary

Vernon Tower, situated between the border of Astoria and Long Island City in Queens, New York City, boasts unobscured views of the Manhattan skyline. This amenity rich 8-story building contains 103-units and features NeaCera panels in our unique White Stone finish at our tallest panel height, a massive 78.8″ long by 23.6″ high.