Award Winning Community Center


NeaCera® Panel Summary

Panel Size: 1524mm (60”) L x 304.8mm (12”) H

Color: Pearl Gray

Finish: Matte

Shape: Flat Classic, Grooved

Configuration: Stacked

Weight: 7.5 lbs/SF

Clips: Never on a NeaCera® Project!

Special Conditions: Use of closing off support profile

Project Summary

The Smith Springs Community Center located in South Nashville, TN was created to accommodate community growth by providing a centralized location to increase engagement. Designed for LEED Certification, this recreation center is 31,000-square-feet with a 15-acre park on the property. Smith Springs features Pearl Gray NeaCera rainscreen panels in the smooth and grooved shapes with the use of closed off support profiles. Hastings Architecture was granted a 2019 Honor Award at the AIA Middle Tennessee Celebration of Architecture Design Awards for their exceptional work on the Smith Springs Community Center.