LEED Gold Elementary School


NeaCera® Panel Summary

Panel Size: 1524mm (60”) L x 304.8mm (12″) H
1524mm (60”) L x 203.2mm (8″) H

Colors: Rustic Canyon & Burnt Red

Finishes: Matte & Satin

Shape: Flat Classic

Configuration: Stacked

Weight: 7.5 lbs/SF

Clips: Never on a NeaCera® Project!

Special Condition: Mix of Panel Height & Color, Fine Line Joint Insert

Project Summary

Arundel Elementary School is a new school built directly behind the previous in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. At almost two times the size of the previous building at just over 112,000-square-feet, this 3-story building has received LEED Gold Certification. This $44-million project aimed to revitalize the neighborhood under the Revitalization Act of 2013, providing youth with a modernized school building equip with technology and adaptable learning spaces. This façade features two sizes of Rustic Canyon and Burnt Red colored NeaCera panels in an alternating pattern to create a fun and distinctive design.