Global GREEN Initiative

EarthLeavesAvenere Cladding is making a difference by reducing its carbon footprint via its Global GREEN Initiative that will hopefully result in a healthier planet.

Through this initiative, Avenere Cladding is helping to plant trees – wherever needed – throughout the United States and the world.

Why trees? Because trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow; and tree planting can be used as a geo-engineering technique to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. (They also make the Earth more beautiful.)

We have selected the following four non-profit organizations to assist us in our efforts. We encourage you to visit their individual web sites for more information – but we really want you to get involved. For as little as $15, ten trees can be planted in your honor.

On behalf of the planet Earth, we thank you.

CLICK on any logo to visit the organization’s web site.

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