Vizor™ Colors

Imagine no limits! NeaCera® Vizors™ are available in a multitude of colors and finishes!

Matte Finishes

NeaCera® Vizors™ are available in 10 Matte Finishes that are classic and distinctive. Matte Finishes include Lifetime Graffiti Protection that is efficient, lasting and immediately effective.


Rustic Canyon

Burnt Sienna



Pearl Gray

Flint Gray

Umbra Gray

Cream Light



Satin Finishes

Where a more polished or honed look is preferred, NeaCera® Vizors™ are available in 12 Satin Finishes. Satin Finishes also include Lifetime Graffiti Protection.


Burnt Red

Dark Red

Copper Red

Bright Red

Light Gray

Bright Gray

Middle Gray

Dark Gray





Gloss Finishes

For a sleek and modern look, consider NeaCera® Vizors™ in Gloss Finishes. White and Black are readily available colors; however other color options for Gloss Finishes are available upon request. Gloss Finishes also include Lifetime Graffiti Protection.


Black Glossy

White Glossy

Glazed and Custom Finishes

The only Limitation is your Imagination! NeaCera® Vizors™ come in an unlimited spectrum of Glazed and Custom Finishes. Corporate colors also available. All surfaces include Lifetime Graffiti Protection.


Blue 1

Blue 2

Blue 3

Blue 4

Violet 1

Violet 2

Violet 3

Brown 1

Brown 2

Green 1

Green 2

Green 3

Green 4

Turquoise 1

Turquoise 2

Turquoise 3

Golden 1

Golden 2

Ochre 1

Ochre 2

Coral 1

Coral 2

Coral 3

Orange 1

Orange 2

Rose 1

Rose 2

Avenere Cladding strives to accurately reproduce the images of Vizor™ Sunscreens on our web site. However, actual colors may vary due to your monitor resolution, variation in natural lighting, and/or printing methods. We recommend you see a product sample or the actual product installed before making your final color selection.