Affordable Terra-Cotta

Why is NeaCera® Affordable?

Challenged to become the pioneering leader in terracotta rainscreen rather than just another “hollow-core me too,” NeaCera® revolutionized its design and manufacturing techniques.

Panel weights, heavy sub-construction, thousands of clips and gaskets and an unwieldy, time-consuming and costly installation process all contributed to soaring installed prices of the hollow-core systems.

Owners and architects loved the look and feel of terracotta but could not justify the exorbitant installed prices.

NeaCera® – through extensive R&D – challenged the problems of the “hollow-cores”:

  • By very finely milling and grinding the clay prior to vacuum extruding and firing at 2200 degrees F. NeaCera® gets its Strength Through Density allowing us to produce a superior strength solid-wall panel that only weighs 7.2lbs/SF.
  • Raw material is purchased by weight and the panels are sold by size, so lighter weight panels use less raw material.
  • Thinner gauge sub-construction components are possible due to lighter-weight panels.
  • Superior strength panels only require supports at each end of each panel substantially reducing the amount of sub-construction. The less sub-construction required = less cost!
  • A unique pre-engineered Lift & Lock integrated hanging system using mated hooks on the Panels and Support Profiles, eliminated the need for any clips, fixings, gaskets or sealants.
  • The lighter-weight with NO CLIPS OR FIXINGS, Lift & Lock Installation enables installers to install almost twice the amount of NeaCera®/man hour as the hollow-core panels.

NeaCera is an extremely strong, fully tested, and aesthetically pleasing terracotta rainscreen cladding envelope. Due to ease of installation, productivity per man hour is increased resulting in an affordable Terracotta Rainscreen System.