Design Assist Services

Design Assistance? We’re there!

With our Design Assist Services Agreement, we give you the early benefit of our wisdom, knowledge and experience in using terracotta rainscreens successfully and efficiently. We do this by engaging our Technical and CAD Departments to assist the architectural team with all of the terracotta rainscreen details required for the construction documents and in the product specifications.

Avenere Cladding LLC has developed this program for clients considering the use of NeaCera® on their projects. There are no additional costs for this service. It has been developed to help ensure the performance and prices presented by Avenere Cladding LLC or its affiliates are achieved. As the affordable Premium Terra-cotta Solution, the Design Assist Services program will demonstrate our scope of services and commitment beyond to our typical scope of work.

To further encourage the use of our Design Assist Services, we guarantee the price for our materials and installation once preliminary building elevations are made available for our review. This schedule of guaranteed prices can be an integral part of the Design Assist Services Agreement.

The Avenere Advantage!

We will provide:

A. Elevation Drawings:

  1. Two complete sets of building elevations for the terracotta will be prepared concurrently with the architectural bid documents.
    • One set of elevations will be for all the aluminum sub-construction – including sub-girts, Support Profiles and Joint Inserts (along with a complete bill of materials and cut-list.)
    • One set of drawings will be for the terracotta panel layout.
  2. The drawings are prepared with the quality and detail of our final shop-drawings and include everything necessary for product procurement and installation.
  3. The value of these drawings, when used for bidding will ensure that any risk associated with determining precise details, material quantities, sizes, shapes, number of in-field cuts and panel weights are virtually eliminated and prices for the scope will reflect the certainty of the design.

B. Design Assistance: We will assist with:

  1. All typical and a-typical NeaCera® details.
  2. Details concerning adjacent elements and components – fenestration openings including sills, jamb and head-details, vents, sconces, soffits, corners and copings.
  3. Details regarding back-up support systems (normally supplied by others) including type of wall construction, exterior sheathing, weather and air/vapor barriers and insulation materials.
  4. Product specifications and testing.
  5. Mock-ups.
  6. Early ordering of samples and color specifications.

C. Bid Process: Our engagement includes assistance during the bidding process to ensure that the submitted bids will meet or beat the budget expectations in the Design Assist Services Agreement. We do this by working with:

  1. The select list of General Contractors or the appointed General Contractor to assist in structuring their bid-package(s) to maximize the affordability of NeaCera®.
  2. Preparation assistance of the bid documents to properly represent the design intent and scope of work.
  3. The General Contractor(s) to identify suitable installation subcontractors, capable of performing the installation successfully.
  4. The Successful list of installation subcontractors to assist them in completing and submitting a comprehensive, all inclusive bid.

As we will be performing the above services and guaranteeing our material unit prices prior to actual award of any contracts, the Design Assist Services Agreement provides that if the developer proceeds with building the project as designed, the award for the NeaCera® Terra-cotta Panels and Support Profiles will be made to Avenere Cladding.

Throughout the Design Assist Services program and through to the completion of the project, our Team will remain a resource regarding design intent, technical detailing, and cost implications. We have extensive relationships with qualified and accredited sub-contract installers from all the relevant trades – glazers, roofers, carpenters, masons curtain-wall designers and manufacturers, metal cladding and drywallers. In addition, we have extensive relationships with other suppliers of material or services integral to completing the exterior walls, including exterior insulation, a/v barriers, metal-shops, scaffolding, mast-lifts and other installation equipment.

If you wish us to prepare a detailed Design Assist Services Agreement specifically for your current project, please Contact Us.