Easy Installation

“Basically like hanging shelves…”

“Well, truth be told, we think it’s even easier than hanging shelves. And to help ensure a successful and profitable installation, we offer a practical Orientation in our Baltimore Workshop along with a NeaCera® Product Technician by your side when you are ready to start the install.

NeaCera® is Easy to Install and Affordable!

While we maintain competitive price points with our material pricing, so much of keeping NeaCera® Affordable comes down to Installers understanding and buying-in to just how easily NeaCera® is to install over the heavy bulky hollow-core systems. Only Three Universal Component Parts and No Clips, Fixings, Gaskets or Sealants to install. Experienced terracotta rainscreen installers maintain that they can install NeaCera® in half the time that it takes to install the bulky, heavy hollow-core systems. Half the installation time translates into half the cost in terms of labor hours.

How easy is NeaCera® to install?

Install Sub-construction.

Install Support Profiles.

Joint Inserts in place.

Lift & Lock Panels in place.

It should be noted that the critical part of any NeaCera® installation is installing the Z-girts and Support Profiles plumb and level. These are the only components that require power tools and fasteners. The installation of the rigid insulation, the Joint Inserts and the Panels require no Clips, Fixings, Gaskets, or Sealants – and so no power-tools! These can be handled by less expensive labor. Yet experienced installers can install more than 80-sf of NeaCera®/man-hour – more than double that of the bulky, hollow-core systems.

The Joint Insert that we supply is designed to keep a perfectly uniform vertical visible joint relief no matter how tall the elevation. Compare this to the many hollow-core systems that rely on the installer eye-balling, measuring or using a small spacer to gauge the vertical visible joint relief.