Lifetime Graffiti Protection

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Whether you choose Matte, Satin, Glossy or Glazed, NeaCera® Terra-cotta Panels include LIFETIME GRAFFITI PROTECTION that is efficient, long-lasting & immediately effective!

NoGraffitiThis protection results from:

  • Superior clay from the Westerwald region of Southeast Germany
  • All raw materials are ground and finely milled to a homogenous particle size during the NeaCera® production process
  • An industry-leading smooth surface is accomplished during the high pressure vacuum extrusion process
  • The application of a proprietary engobe prior to firing in the kiln
  • High temperature firing such that the composition reaches near liquification

This means NeaCera® panels are beautiful today, beautiful tomorrow and beautiful for years to come.

Our “recipe” for engobe!

The first step of the process is the first stage of drying, where the panels are prepared to receive and “absorb” the engobe – a liquid clay slip. This is the beginning of the engobe mechanically bonding to the panels. From the “dryer” panels are coated with a proprietary engobe mixture of water, clay, kaolin, color pigment, silica and other unique ingredients.

The panels are now returned to the “dryer” for a second stage of drying so that the panels’ excess moisture is evaporated. This is the continuation of the engobe mechanically bonding to the panels as the engobe migrates and is absorbed into the panel body.

Once the panels reach a specified temperature and moisture content, they are robotically introduced to the kiln. During the firing process, the engobe fuses with the panel body, adding color and enhancing surface finish and durability.

Got Graffiti? Watch This!

The NeaCera® Lifetime Graffiti Protection is inherent in the surface of the panels and will not wear off, rub off or fade, no matter how often graffiti is applied and removed.

Post-applied Graffiti Protection options merely coat the surface of a facade and frequently need to be re-applied – particularly after graffiti is cleaned off.

All gone in one wipe?

Almost! Denatured alcohol, a soft cloth and a little elbow grease are all it takes to permanently remove graffiti from NeaCera® panels.

No other terracotta panel on the market offers Lifetime Graffiti Protection that rivals NeaCera®! Find out why more and more architects and building owners are choosing NeaCera® Panels for their upcoming projects.

The COST of graffiti vandalism…

Graffiti vandalism comes with a terrible price. $25 Billion in the United States alone to be exact.

Keep in mind that this figure does not include costs incurred by private property or business owners, and it does not include any amount due to loss of business or decreased property value in graffiti prone areas.


Every piece of graffiti is a symbol not only of blight but a dollar sign as well.

The artist responsible for this was probably very proud of his work. The Owner of the building was understandably less impressed.