Non-sequential Installation

Any NeaCera® Panel can be removed or replaced without having to remove any of the surrounding panels.

Watch the video below to see how easy Non-sequential Installation truly is!

Almost all of the hollow-core terracotta rainscreens systems that are available require the panels to be mounted to the sub-construction by an increasing array and variety of clips and fixings. The result is that they are installed in a sequential arrangement starting at the base of the elevation and working upwards –clips-panels-clips-panels clips and so on. In the event that there is a failure of a panel or a need to remove a panel to install sconces or other fixtures that have to be mounted back to the sub-structure, then this sequential installation requires the installer to start at the top of the elevation and remove all the clips and panels down to the panel that needs to be replaced or temporarily removed.

The NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solution, with its unique pre-engineered Lift & Lock installation method that requires no clips or fixings, is a non-sequential installation. This means that any panel anywhere on the elevation can be removed or replaced without having to disturb or remove any of the surrounding panels.


Helps where scaffolding requires bracing back to the building. Also helps if you need access behind the panels.

Exterior fixtures? Cut the panel to accommodate the openings and place it within the field of installed panels.

 Think of the opportunities that this offers:

  1. If installing from scaffolding or some other means where tie-backs back to the sub-structure are required, then the complete terracotta installation can proceed with the scaffolding in place, leaving out the panels where the tie-backs are located. Then when the scaffolding is being dismantled the missing panels can be easily slipped into place.
  2. On large elevations where a variety of post-applied elements such as sconces, CCTV cameras, hydrants, electrical outlets etc are required, the complete wall assembly can be installed and any panels that may to be cut or drilled can easily be removed, drilled and then replaced. This enables the architect/designer to delay the exact placement of these elements as and until they can view the overall elevation.
  3. Terracotta can be installed on a pre-constructed stud-wall assembly and then transported to the job site on trailers and “flown” up onto the building. This is known as panelizing. Panelizers love the non-sequential installation system of NeaCera®, as they can leave out the terracotta panels at the stud-wall edges. This enables them to fly the panels onto the building and position, lock and seal them – then install the necessary terracotta panels over the stud-wall panel joints. With a sequential system they have to make the terra-cotta panels match the stud-wall panels and there is a danger of breakage of the terra-cotta when swinging the stud-wall panels into place. They also have a problem in sealing the stud-wall panels in this situation.
  4. Some terracotta layouts are designed to have different colors or shades of panels arranged throughout the elevation. The non-sequential installation can allow the designer to see the layout and easily change it during or after the installation.

Security Tabs

To avoid any unauthorized removal of panels, the NeaCera® Joint Insert has a small Security Tab cut into the tongue. This can easily be turned down with a screwdriver during the installation and will effectively lock the panel in place. On many installations, this is done on the first six to eight feet above grade. To remove a panel in an area where the Security Tabs have been used the Installer would only have to go to the panel above the six or eight foot line and remove that panel and bend the Security Tab back up, repeating this process until he gets to the panel to be removed. In the event that a panel has been cracked or broken, it is easy to break out the cracked panel, bend up the Security Tab and replace with a new panel.

Notice the Security Tab is ready for engagement.

Security Tab on Joint Insert locked into place.

The unique advantage that the NeaCera® Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solutions offers with its “clip-less” Lift & Lock non-sequential installation system, has not been missed by our competitors. We are seeing some of them trying to play “catch-up” and offering what they call “non-sequential” systems. These offerings only work where there are cracked or broken panels that you can break out. Then, after ‘removing” the panel with a sledge-hammer and after trimming down the mounting flange with a diamond blade and wet saw, it is possible to manipulate a replacement panel into place.