The Times They Are A-Changing!

During the 1960s, lot of buildings in a lot of cities were built of brick and block. After 50 years – and vast improvements in waterproofing and insulation technology – many of these buildings are now ready for a major renovation.

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts!

You can expect a 50-year-old building to look…well…like a 50-year-old building. But 50-year-old technology had no way of dealing with moisture infiltration. Traditional face-sealed buildings tried unsuccessfully to keep moisture out altogether. Unfortunately, once water infiltrated the façade, building deterioration was soon to follow.

Protecting The Inside From The Outside!

The Rainscreen Solution accepts that it can’t keep out all water. That’s why the solution includes a back-ventilated system that allows for air flow behind the exterior panels to continually dry the wall assembly, while any residual moisture drains out of the bottom. A Rainscreen Solution is the perfect way to rehabilitate aging buildings and prevent future water damage.

Why have this...

...when you can have THIS?

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Why have this...

...when you can have THIS?

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