Elevate Your Façade
An old brick facade on Harborview Apartments in New Jersey.
The old brick facade on Harborview Apartments. The water damage occurring from the failing brick facade had the owners of Harborview looking to renovate.
A renovated facade using NeaCera Terra-cotta on Harborview Apartments in New Jersey.
The recladding of Harborview Apartments using 3 different colors of NeaCera. This helped reduce the structual load on the existing building as well as solve the water intrusion problem with the old facade.

NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding is the Solution of Choice for Recladding & Renovations:

A “Face Sealed Wall” system relies on effective seals between multiple architectural elements in order to maintain a viable barrier. With a more complex façade composition, each joint is more difficult to seal with liquid sealants, gaskets, or caulk. These can deteriorate over time, increasing the probability of water penetration and damage. 

In stark contrast, NeaCera, a solid-wall rainscreen system eliminates the challenges associated with a “Face Sealed Wall” system. A rainscreen system does not try to eliminate moisture, but rather creates back ventilation, allowing airflow behind the exterior panels to dry any penetrative moisture before it reaches the building causing damage. Residual moisture will drain out of the bottom of the system and continually dry due to airflow behind the panel.

The NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding Rainscreen Solution is the perfect way to rehabilitate aging buildings and prevent future water damage.

NeaCera Recladding Benefits: