The Avenere Advantage

Challenge Accepted

Over 50-years in business as an industry leader and innovator in the building materials sector, and rainscreen pioneer since 1995. We have a team with an average tenure of 15-years, combining the honed skillsets of project managers, sales professionals, and engineers.

We Bridge the Gap from Good Products to Great Projects

We take architectural plans and building elevations to create comprehensive, coordinated support framing, and precise panel layouts. Panel sizes are within 1mm of tolerance, and coordinate with all materials and building components that neighbor our panels. This is no easy task and often takes weeks.

Our drawings instruct our factories to ensure quality and accuracy in all material we provide, while incorporating what installers need for a successful and efficient installation.

There’s no other drawing like it.

We Understand Supply Chain

We have decades of experience, relationships, and knowledge of moving building products safely to jobsites across the nation. We know the supply chain is challenging, and we strive each day to mitigate these challenges.

Educating For Best In Preparation, Execution & Completion

Promoting a culture of education and learning from the very beginning is a pillar of our business & success. We are dedicated to helping ensure the successful execution of a project’s design by providing unique learning opportunities for architects and installers.

Our Warranty Reflects Our Confidence

We offer up to a 30-year warranty on our cladding products, an offer that is one of the top in the cladding industry. At Avenere Cladding, we make a promise to our customers to deliver a quality product and we want to provide a warranty which reflects that.