Features & Benefits

Image of protruding platform from a terra-cotta facade showing non-sequential installation.
In the non-sequential system, any panel on the facade can be removed or replaced.

Non-Sequential Installation

NeaCera’s pre-engineered, Lift & Lock installation method, is a non-sequential system. Meaning that any panel on the elevation can be removed or replaced without having to remove any of the surrounding panels.

Most hollow-core terra-cotta rainscreen systems require the panels to be mounted to the sub-construction using mechanical fasteners. The result is that they are installed in a sequential arrangement starting at the base of the elevation and working upwards.

If you’re wondering how we inhibit unintended panel removal, our system uses security tabs on the first 6 to 8 feet of the elevation.

Non-Sequential Installation Benefits:

  1. Terra-cotta installation can start and proceed from any point on the wall.

  2. Scaffolding can be freely located and installed without concern for where tie-backs are fastened to the building. Panels can simply be left off or removed, and when the scaffolding is being dismantled the missing panels can be easily slipped into place.

  3. The complete rainscreen assembly can be installed, and any panels that may need to be cut or drilled can easily be removed and replaced, to accommodate post-applied elements such as sconces, cameras and signage.
The non-sequential system being put to use when scaffolding is tied back to the building.
Closeup of the neacera system with no clips or gaskets
The NeaCera system. Simply Lift & Lock the panel onto the hooks of the Support Profile.
Closeup of a competitor's system with clips and gaskets
Clips and gaskets for a typical terra-cotta hollow-core panel system.

No Clips, Gaskets, or Caulk/Adhesive

NeaCera uses a unique Lift & Lock Installation method that was designed to eliminate the need for clips, gaskets, or caulk/adhesive. These add unnecessary cost to the project, as well as complicates installation of the product in the field, burdening installers with additional elements and time. Zero-clips means zero holes drilled, and NeaCera does not require the use of any power tools outside of the application of Support Profile.

Man wiping graffiti off of white panels
Graffiti protection is inherent in the surface of NeaCera panels and will not wear off.

Lifetime Graffiti Protection

Whether you choose Matte, Satin, Gloss, Glazed, or Custom color, NeaCera Panels include Lifetime Graffiti Protection that is efficient, permanent & immediately effective.

NeaCera Lifetime Graffiti Protection is inherent in the surface of the panels and will not wear off, rub off or fade, no matter how often graffiti is applied and removed. In sharp contrast, post-applied Graffiti Protection options merely coat the surface of a façade and frequently need to be re-applied.

Tools & Steps:

Denatured alcohol and a soft cloth are all it takes to completely remove graffiti from NeaCera Panels. Apply the denatured alcohol to the cloth and rub in a firm circular motion over the affected area. No other terra-cotta cladding panel on the market offers Lifetime Graffiti Protection that rivals NeaCera.

Up To 30 Year Warranty

Designed to Last.

NeaCera is made from the finest clay in the world, a history-tested natural material. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques coupled with diligent quality assurance standards produces a product that offers an industry-leading warranty.

Our warranty to the original purchaser is simple: NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding Panels will be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship; and is available for up to thirty (30) years after the delivery of the panels.

Our warranty of up to 30 years is unmatched in the industry.
A NeaCera Terra-cotta facade being unitized and flown up to the building.
Panelization offers flexibility by allowing the wall assembly to be put together off-site.


Avenere Cladding’s NeaCera Terra-cotta can be installed on various pre-constructed wall assemblies, transported to the jobsite on trailers and then hoisted up onto the building; a process known as panelization.

Erectors love the non-sequential installation of NeaCera as they can leave out the NeaCera Panels where the wall assemblies connect. This process enables them to hoist the panelized assemblies onto the building. Finally, the remaining NeaCera Panels can be installed over the panelized wall joints, resulting in no visible seams.

An old brick facade on Harborview Apartments in New Jersey.
The old brick facade on Harborview Apartments. The water damage occurring from the failing brick facade had the owners of Harborview looking to renovate.
A renovated facade using NeaCera Terra-cotta on Harborview Apartments in New Jersey.
The recladding of Harborview Apartments using 3 different colors of NeaCera. This helped reduce the structual load on the existing building as well as solve the water intrusion problem with the old facade.


Here are reasons why NeaCera offers an ideal solution for Recladding & Renovations:

  • Breathes new life into your building with a wide variety of colors, finishes, shapes, dimensions, & configurations.
  • Applies quickly and easily to a range of existing structural substrates.
  • Solid wall terra-cotta cladding at an affordable price.
  • Only 7.5 lbs./sf. total system weight – a fraction of the weight helps to minimize structural support backup.
  • Innovative back ventilated rainscreen system design is a solution for water intrusion, the leading cause of structural failure within a building envelope.
  • Industry leading warranty of up to 30 years.
  • No clips, gaskets, caulks, or sealants are required.
  • Durable and low-maintenance solution.