Appreciation From Our Customers

Get inspired by customers who have experienced the efficiency, beauty, reliability, and affordability of Avenere Cladding. Our commitment to customer service means we work with all teams involved in the façade of the building to ensure a speedy, smooth and successful conclusion to your project.


“The Coloradan project was intended to be a subtle background piece to Union Station, and ended up being one of the most unique buildings in Denver due to our collaboration with Avenere Cladding on development of a custom color called Alpenglow.”

Scott Martin

Project Manager and Associate Principal, GBD Architects

“Kansas City historically has used a lighter brick and stone palette in their architecture, and we wanted to speak to that with Two Light Tower. The white stone color of the NeaCera Terra-cotta on the building perfectly fits within the context. It also represents an affordable alternative to brick due to the reduced labor costs and ease of installation. NeaCera references history but at the same time has contemporary qualities, in addition to being a strong product. We pride ourselves on smart design that exceeds expectations, and NeaCera fits that mold.”

Chris Harvey

Director of Design, Hord Coplan Macht

“NeaCera Terra-cotta is superior to other terra-cotta cladding systems both in production quality and constructability of the product. The Avenere Cladding team is ready and willing to help the architect push boundaries of what you would see normally on a façade. I don’t know why anyone would go with any system other than NeaCera Terra-cotta.”

Monte French

Principal, Monte French Design, LLC

“For Cone Health Women’s Hospital, we wanted it to stand on its own as an addition, but still feel like it belonged to the original building. NeaCera Terra-cotta was such a good fit due to its progressive and distinctive look, but still being close enough to the original brick façade to do it justice. Avenere Cladding creates lasting relationships with their clients and are truly invested in your vision and the project’s success.”

Nick Cooper

Design Director and Principal, HKS

“NeaCera Terra-cotta’s most amazing quality is its range of design as well as the system’s longevity and performance. It requires no maintenance, which leaves my clients satisfied and allows me to reach their goals as well as mine. NeaCera allows an architect’s imagination to go as far as they want, it’s quite the crayon box.”

Doug Stefanov

AIA, Stefanov Architects

“For many years, we at CBT Architects have wanted to use Terra-cotta Rainscreen on our projects. Unfortunately, the material proved to be too expensive. Recently, we discovered NeaCera from Avenere Cladding which is an affordable Terra-cotta Rainscreen Solution that meets all of our design and quality requirements. It is easy to install and has outstanding aesthetic appeal.”

Richard J. Bertman

Founder and Principal, CBT Architects


“The greatest advantage to NeaCera is the complete system package. From concept to completion, NeaCera provided us all of the information we needed right at our fingertips, from shop drawings to organized pallets upon delivery.”

Larry Crist

Project Manager, Architectural Metal Works

“The Lift & Lock Installation system was a huge benefit of NeaCera terra-cotta, it’s so easy to teach others how to install the panels. With minimal components and a lighter weight, it saved time and energy on the jobsite.”

Adam Studley

Lead Foreman, N-RG Cladding