Sunscreen Vizors

Sunscreens in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Sunscreens in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

NeaCera Terra-cotta Sunscreen Vizors offer a multitude of benefits when utilized on a façade. They provide an effective means of protecting against ultraviolet rays in summer months, reducing energy costs by deterring heat gain through glass applications. In addition to their cost and energy-saving benefits, sunscreens provide comfort in the summer through light filtration and diffusion.

NeaCera Sunscreen Vizors are a dramatic accent to any building façade. Essentially, the addition of long linear elements to the building surface is a clever way to achieve artistic shading and to create depth.

Vizors are offered in three distinct shapes, Lamella, Baguette and Quad. Vizors are available in comparable colors to NeaCera Panels. As with all NeaCera Panels, Vizor finishes come with Lifetime Graffiti Protection, and will not wear off, rub off or fade, no matter how often graffiti is applied and removed.

Vizor Shapes

Sunscreen Vizors provide thermal comfort, natural light, and reduced glare along any expansive glass façade, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the exterior design. For all shapes, the maximum terracotta segment is 62.99” (1600mm) and the maximum assembly span is 125.98” (3200mm).


For a more angular contemporary look, choose Quad Vizors.


The arcing curve of this Vizor allows you to create the illusion of movement with the Lamella shape.


For a look that is solid and eye-catching, Baguette Vizors are the perfect choice.

Vizor Details

Please contact Avenere Cladding for details, assembly, and installation instructions.